Sugar Glider Emergency Kit


If you think your glider is having a problem you MUST take them to a vet. Some of the things you may observe is staining, an odd smell, eyes droopy, ears down, weight loss or weight gain. Gliders hide their illness. If your glider is lethargic or cold you need to go to the vet IMMEDIATELY as your glider is likely dying!

Satellite E-Collar- Necessary when your glider is trying to attack him or herself when he or her has sustained an injury.

Hand Sanitizer- For the human in your life, sanitize your hands before addressing any wound issues.

Tissues- Useful for wiping pee and poop and other gunk up.

Q Tips- For precision application of topical medication such as clorhexaderm, Quick Derm, Vetericyn, or any other veterinarian prescribed ointments or creams.

Lubricating Jelly- Necessary when your glider has a prolapsed penis (it is sticking out and won’t go back in). Reapply often until you can get the glider to a vet.

Non-Stick Gauze Pads- Useful for bandaging a wound in conjunction with our vet tape after an e collar is on until you can get to the vets.

Vet Wrap- Useful for Stabilizing tail injuries and wrapping around glider’s mid-section should they self-mutilate.

Large Straws- Cut the entire straw lengthwise to make a quick tail wrap for tail injuries. Secure with vet tape at the top, middle and bottom of the straw.

Corn Starch- If you cut a nail too far down, it will make the quick of the nail bleed. Use corn starch to stop the bleeding.

Nail Trimmers- It is necessary to cut your glider’s nails every 1-2 weeks for their safety.

Stainless Steel Tweezers- Can help put gauze in place

Fleece Squares- Can help burrito wrap your glider until you can get to the vet.

HotSnapz- Snap the metal button in the packet and it will warn this product up. Make sure to never directly apply to a glider, make sure there is always a barrier of fleece between your glider and this. Can be used to keep a glider or rejected joey warm until you can get them vet care.

Vanilla Ensure- Useful when hand-feeding joeys and/or taking in rescues. High nutritional content and can be used as an emergency food. Please check the expiry date on the bottle and replace as necessary.

1 cc Syringes- Useful for feeding medicines and/or ensure to a sick glider.

Pre-Filled Sterile Saline Syringe- For flushing wounds (gently).

Iodine Pac- Put 1 Tablespoon of Water in a cup. Squeeze the Pac and break the inside part. Squeeze the Pac until one drop falls into the water. Mix thoroughly and discard unused portion of the iodine Pac. Your solution should look like “weak tea”. You can use this to disinfect a wound until you can get to the vets.


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