Wombaroo Possum Milk Replacer


Wombaroo Possum milk replacer is suitable for all species of possums and gliders.
Instructions for use are as follows:

Wombaroo Possum Milk Replacer Instructions for use are as follows:

Mix the following ingredients together:

Newborns (just oop): 25 grams powder to 100 ml water

Slowly increase Formula (powder) as the joey gets older. Watch the joey’s bowel movements. If they are pooping okay (one poop per day is fine) and seem satisfied for the correct amount of time between feeds then the amount of formula to milk is correct. If they become constipated, give one feed just pedialyte and thin the formula back down. If they start getting really hungry (are crying before feeding time etc) increase the amount fed (not by much!) and increase the solids. Poops should be yellow to brown in color and like thick toothpaste, not hard, and not runny. Poops don't get to adult consistency until they are weaning age.

At Weaning (6-8 weeks): 50 grams powder to 100 ml water.


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