180 Day Supply of The Pet Glider Vitamins


180 Day supply of The Pet Glider multi-vitamins. For use with the Pet Glider Fresh Diet.

Designed specifically to maintain and improve sugar glider health and immune system, the Pet Glider Complete Multi-Vitamin, to be used in conjunction with The Pet Glider Fresh Diet has produced the healthiest gliders many vets and zoo directors have ever seen. This is a 180 day supply for one sugar glider. Please note that this vitamin supplement is only for use with The Pet Glider Fresh Diet, and should not be combined with other diet plans.

Ingredients: Complete Balanced Mammal Multivitamin (including calcium), nectar, bee pollen, probiotics, acacia gum, and herbs.

As an upgrade, you can also add an 8 ounce plastic vitamin shaker to you order for $4.50. This handy, reusable shaker offers a sturdy way to keep your vitamins in the refrigerator, and the plastic top has two openings for your convenience: a seven-hole shaker side as well as another, larger side for spoons.

When you order this add-on, your vitamins will be shipped inside the container. A 360 day supply will fill the 8 ounce container, while the 180 day supply will fill the container halfway.


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