Starter Pack- Organic Eucalyptus Branch, Fresh Leaves and Chew Sticks


SPECIAL Starter Pack: To see if your pet(s) like fresh Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Chew Sticks and a small Eucalyptus Branch
1/2-pound starter pack: Try it.

1/4 pound of fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, about 20-30 large (sometimes HUGE) leaves, on their stems.
1/4 pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks, 6-10 sticks (depending on thickness) and 3″-6″ long.
1 small Eucalyptus branch, a thicker stick with mature bark, for perching and/or chewing
1 Instruction and Tip Sheet on how to store, present and enjoy your Eucs

Fresh Eucalyptus has many uses. Sugar Gliders and many pet birds LOVE Eucalyptus, plus it smells wonderful and it a natural healing plant.
We have hundreds of happy customers who were surprised to find that their pets like Eucalyptus so much. Sugar gliders nibble and bite the big, beautiful leaves. Birds chew thru the bark to sharpen beaks and to get the nourishment inside. Both birds and gliders alike enjoy the smooth-skinned branches and perches…Free Eucalyptus seeds with any order. Just let us know you want to try out your own green thumb!!!

The Aroma of Eucalyptus is WONDERFUL! Eucalyptus smells really great… even when the product ages and dries out. Dried Eucalyptus is great for potpourri. When burned or boiled, the leaves make their entire home smell better. See a video below of one of our happy customers sugar gliders, chowing down on a fresh Eucalyptus chew stick and leaf.

*DISCLAIMER: Due to summer-time heat, Eucalyptus leaves may arrive drier than usual. The leaves are still good, and your gliders may even like them better dry. However, if they seem too dry, let us know and we will replace your order.


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